Cromarty Firth Heritage Trail

Posted on 13th June 2020.

Mary Miers HHBT Director and Trustee and who is Fine Arts and Books Editor, at Country Life has kindly offered to “work up” the draft leaflet for the Cromarty Firth Heritage Trail that was put together by Dr Jim Mackay. Mary is also referring to the useful information which was provided by a number of individuals who had responded to the initial consultation. To assist, HHBT Company Secretary Douglas Graham has sent her a copy of the very comprehensive Ross and Cromarty Kirkyards Project which the Trust, with assistance from LEADER, Highland Council and Historic Scotland, undertook in 2009-10. Andrew Wright, HHBT Heritage Advisor has forwarded a copy of documents which he had produced in the past and he has also offered to answer any queries she may have.

It is considered that we can now move this project onto a slightly different one from that originally envisaged. As part editor-in-chief and part researcher/authoress, Mary can oversee the whole project and ensure consistency amongst whatever range of ‘leaflets’ are eventually produced. So, rather than looking at producing printed leaflets which have obvious cost and logistic implications to consider, we are looking to create a digital version of the information which can be attached to the HHBT web site and if required can be downloaded by any interested party.